Partner Visa

Love has the power to bring two people together no matter their distance, the nature of their relationship, whether or on it is accepted by society, family or friends.
Besides being in a genuine relationship, the applicant must also be healthy, have a clean immigration record, have no criminal record and show commitment to their partner.

We have seen relationships that had to be kept secret, which made it difficult to prove that the relationship exists.

We have seen unlawful people falling in love and dealing with complex Schedule 3 requirements so that they can remain united with their partners.

We have also assisted couples who had criminal charges in the past.

If you want to apply for a partner visa, be prepared for the task. You will need many supporting documents and information to make sure that your case gets accepted! We are here to help! We can advise you on what type of evidence would be best to assist the Delegate with the decision-making process. Let’s also make sure there aren’t any other weaknesses in your application before submitting it to the Department.

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