Immigration Psychology

Psychological Treatment and Support

The migrant experience is unique, inherently stressful and psychologically challenging. Sometimes these challenges are overwhelming. Having to deal with the issues of leaving your homeland, as well as your friends and family behind, to live in a new country, with a different culture, where everything can seem strange and different, is challenging and overwhelming at times. To assist with the transition and adjustment, I offer psychological counselling and therapy for individuals and families who are experiencing psychological hardship due to their immigration experience.

I am able to deliver psychological treatment and support via video or telephone across Australia, or face-to-face in the Sydney region.

Immigration Psychological Services

I am a registered Psychologist with 25 years’ experience in delivering psychological services, including assessing, treating and writing medico-legal reports on mental health and psychological issues. I am a second-generation immigrant and have first-hand experience of the migrant experience.

I began assessing and reporting on Immigration issues over 10 years ago when approached by a leading immigration law advisor. Since that time, I have developed significant understanding of the psychological issues that impact on individuals and families and offer a specialist service for immigration issues. I have worked closely with leading Immigration lawyers and agents to assist their clients with complex visa problems involving psychological issues and hardship. These can include significant depression or anxiety, as well as a fear about being returned to your country of origin, possibly due to being in danger or fearing for your life.

Psychological Evaluations for Immigration

In addition to providing therapy, I also conduct Psychological Evaluations specifically focusing on the impact of psychological factors on Immigration issues, to assist individuals and families in their immigration process. If your immigration advisor suggests that you obtain a report from a psychologist for issues around your immigration issues, I will be able to help you. I have worked with individuals from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and I’m experienced in conducting psychological assessments for immigration matters.

In my experience, a psychological evaluation adds considerable value to an immigration case. A comprehensive, expert evaluation conducted by a psychologist knowledgeable of the factors involved in complex immigration cases with the relevant mental health issues, along with a targeted and specialized report, can be effectively used by your immigration advisor or lawyer to support your case and move forward with your immigration process.

What Is a Psychological Evaluation?

An Immigration Psychological Evaluation is psychological assessment that is used to help determine whether an individual will be able to remain lawfully in Australia.
An Immigration Psychological Evaluation begins with a consultation with your migration advisor or lawyer to gather relevant information about your case and the specific case concerns. The immigration assessment itself includes in-depth interviews that occur over the course of 1 to 3 interviews, which either take place in person or via video/telephone. During the assessment process, I will ask you questions about yourself and your immigration case to include specific immigration concerns, your personal, marital and family history, work history, as well as medical and psychiatric history as they relate to your case. In addition to meeting and speaking with you, in some situations, it may be important and necessary for me to speak with other people who may have pertinent information for this evaluation. I will inform you about each step as it becomes relevant.

Additional to the interview assessments, it is likely that you will be required to complete valid psychological questionnaires. These may include measures of Anxiety, Depression, Personality and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Once all the relevant information has been collected, I will then write a report and send it to you.

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